January 10, 2024   |   Living

What’s The Cost Of Living In Vancouver As A Student? [Jan 2024]

How much does an average student spend on a month of living in Vancouver? To briefly answer this question, the total cost ranges from CAD $2,350 to $3,750 per month, including rental, groceries, bills, entertainment, and transportation. You might be curious about how we arrived at this substantial figure. Let’s delve into the breakdown of […]

November 21, 2022   |   Living

Universities and Colleges in Vancouver, Canada

Are you planning to pursue your studies in Vancouver, BC, Canada? At GEC Living, we are Vancouver’s largest provider of off-campus student accommodation. Based on feedback from the more than 10,000 students we have welcomed over the years, we have prepared a comprehensive overview of the major schools in Vancouver for your information. Public Universities […]

November 17, 2022   |   Living

Top 8 Rental Platforms in Vancouver for Students

Searching for a place to settle down in Vancouver can be a difficult, overwhelming, and expensive experience – particularly if you’re a student or a newcomer. You might need guidance on where to begin and which apartment rental platforms in Vancouver are trustworthy. At GEC Living, we are the biggest off-campus student accommodation provider in […]

November 16, 2022   |   Living

Tips for Renting in Vancouver (For Newcomers and First-Timers)

Finding the right rental place might be a little challenging if you do not know the common tips for renting in Vancouver as a first-timer. We’re GEC Living, Vancouver’s largest off-campus student accommodation provider, and we have outlined valuable information to guide you on how to find the right accommodation without hassles. 1. Knowing Your […]

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