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Where to Find Short-Term Rental Houses In Vancouver

Did you move to Vancouver? Is your current lease expiring soon, and do you need to find a short-term rental in Vancouver? Wait! Are short-term rental home legal in BC? What are short-term rentals in Vancouver?

Finding a house in Vancouver is borderline impossible. The prices are high, and the availability is low, so I would not be surprised if you are freaking out and making peace with being homeless, but don’t worry, this blog is for you.

A sign indicating a short term rental in Vancouver


Platforms that provide short-term rentals in Vancouver

Short-term rentals are not only legal but are usually for 30 days or less in Vancouver. You can get a short-term rental on Airbnb, where you can rent a fully furnished house or a shared place. Another option is Zumper, where you can find pet-friendly apartment rentals with a captivating view of Vancouver. Additionally, you can find more options on Facebook marketplace; however, Facebook Market place and other public domains are swimming with scammers ready to prey on international students. Don’t believe me? When I was looking for an apartment last year, a landlord (scammer) told me they were in Settle and could not fly to Vancouver to show me the apartment, but insisted I send them a $500 deposit and my ID card so that they can send me the keys to the apartment. I sent my ID but not the money, I was suspicious. When I told my friends about it, they laughed and told me it is a Vancouver rite of passage; this is a rite of passage that I want you to avoid!

Comments about scams of short rental rentals in Vancouver

Do you know your Resident Tenancy Act (RTA)

I know! I know! It sounds scary, but you must learn how to protect yourself and your property when signing a rental contract. The RTA covers most housing situations, and it is there to protect you. Did you know that the RTA does not apply to a living accommodation where the tenant shares a bathroom or kitchen appliances with the accommodation owner? I am guessing you didn’t know that. Read it! Also, Renting It Right offers an introductory course on your rights as a tenant and how to find homes in Vancouver.

GEC Living Is One Of The Leading Flexible Fully furnished Rental Provider In Vancouver

The benefit of using a private house rental site like GEC Living is *drumroll* there are no scammers! You can find an apartment at any of our locations (GEC Pearson, GEC Marine Gateway, GEC Viva, GEC Burnaby Heights, and GEC Granville Suite); we also are in accordance with BC’s Resident Tenancy Act (RTA). Hence you are protected from scammers and shady landlords.

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