Trinity Western University (TWU)

Trinity Western University was founded in 1962 and has grown to become Canada’s most recognized Christian university. It is also the biggest liberal arts university in the country. While TWU is proud to raise Christian leaders, you do not have to identify as Christian to attend the university. TWU offers 48 undergraduate degrees, 19 graduate degrees, degree completion, and leadership development via certificate and online learning programs.

TWU Langley Campus exterior
Trinity Western University Langley Campus Across the Pond. Source:
PROS of Studying at TWUCONS of Studying at TWU
Small Class SizesFaith-Centered Education
Supporting and Community-Engaged EnvironmentMeal Plans Required (Langley Campus)
Leadership OpportunitiesNo Meal Plans or Housing at the Richmond Campus (MA Students)
Diverse Student Population 


Where Are the TWU Campuses?

Trinity Western University Langley

Located in Langley, it is TWU’s main campus covering 157 acres. It may not seem like a big campus compared to institutions like UBC or SFU, but TWU campus is surrounded by green landscapes and hiking trails and is cradled by McMillan Lake just to the west. This is advantageous for science students who get to conduct research in the surrounding areas. If you take summer courses, you may even see bears on campus.

The Langley Campus is located a short walk away from the historic town called Fort Langley. There are cute coffee shops, vintage stores, and year around festivals in Fort Langley; in addition, there’s a ton of filming going on in the area— tv shows like Once Upon a Time and Taken were filmed in Fort Langley. But wait, a lot of productions also film at TWU campus!

Note that, TWU Langley is just 45 minutes from downtown Vancouver and 1 hour from the North Shore.

Trinity Western University Richmond

TWU has two locations in Richmond – Minoru and Lansdowne.

TWU Minoru Campus is located on the 3rd and 4th floors above Richmond’s City Centre Community Centre. It’s very close to Brighouse Skytrain Station, Richmond Centre Mall, the City Hall, and the Public Library.

TWU Lansdowne is within the northwest corner of Lansdowne mall, occupying the second floor; this is a convenient location right by the food court and local shops.

Other TWU Campuses

Trinity Western University also has an ecological research area on Salt Spring Island and their Laurentian Leadership Centre in Ottawa.

How Much Does TWU Cost?

TWU tuition is $742 per semester hour (per credit). This is approx. $2226 per course (3 credits = 742 x 3)

FeeRate Per CreditOne Semester (15 credits)
Domestic Student$742$11,130
International Student$742$11,130

At TWU, there are no tuition differences between Canadian and non-Canadian (International) students. Please see details about Trinity Western University’s tuition and costs here.

nursing students outside in the twu langley campus
Nursing students at TWU. Source:

International Students at TWU

TWU has one of the most diverse campuses in BC, students all around the world choose TWU because of its welcoming and community-based environment. You will realize from day 1 that you will make lifelong friendships at TWU. Here are some initiatives

Academic Transition First Year Program (AT1): TWU offers international students the option to participate in AT1 (this is not mandatory); AT1 is designed to help students transition to university easily. Students get a learning coach and participate in classes consisting of other global students.

The Global Engagement Office (GEO): TWU’s GEO aims to help international and third culture students while also increasing the cultural awareness of domestic TWU students through cultural events and training.

Global Lounge: The GEO has a lounge space located right across from the Fraser Building where students can hang out in between classes. This space is open to everyone regardless of nationality, or background.

Community Dinners: TWU facilitates community dinners at their cafeteria offering ethnic food, so students can learn more about different cultures through food. Also, during culture week, there is a big event in which students can participate by setting up a free booth to share food special to their home country/culture.

Most Popular TWU Programs

TWU Media and Communications (BA): One of the most information-heavy courses at TWU, the “MCOM” program offers courses from Interpersonal Communications to Video Game Development. Alumni ranges from Journalists, Filmmakers, Corporate Communications Professionals, and more.

TWU Biotechnology (BS):  One of the occupations of the future, the biotechnology program explores the development of technology from cellular processes. TWU’s Biotechnology grads are employed in areas such as health care, veterinary medicine, agriculture, and green science.

TWU Nursing (BSN): The Nursing program prepares successful clinical leaders engaged in practical and academic practices to make a difference in the lives of others. TWU Nursing grads work as registered nurses in hospitals and health care settings.

TWU Kinesiology (BS): With a well-rounded education in human structure, function, and performance, Kinesiology students have many career opportunities such as performance coaches, exercise physiologists, physiotherapists, and more.

TWU’s Degree Partnership Programs

Trinity Western University currently does not have any transfer partners but offers pathway programs. If you are planning to transfer to TWU, you can use their Transfer Credit Tool or refer to the BC Transfer Guide. If you do not see your institution on the list, contact the Admissions Office directly.

Global Express Pathway (GXP) Program

This is a program recently launched by TWU to help students get a degree in a flexible way despite changes in their environment due to unforeseen circumstances like the pandemic. Students can start bachelor’s degrees completely online and finish their first two years at home. This program is cheaper compared to attending physical classes, and this does not affect their ability to obtain a PGWP (Post-Graduate Work Permit) upon graduation.

TWU Spartans in action during a men's volleyball game
TWU Spartans Men’s Volleyball. Source:

Extracurricular Activities at TWU

Compared to bigger schools, it may look like TWU does not have many student clubs but wait a second before you make any decisions – TWU has a ton of student leadership opportunities, and most of those are paid positions that also motivate you to be more involved on campus. Former and current students work at the TWU gym, bookstore, coffee shop, and even at the admissions office; you can tell that it’s a close-knit community.

TWU Leadership Opportunities

Like we mentioned said, there are tons of student leadership opportunities from running outreach programs to facilitating meaningful discussions about faith. You can work as a part of the Commuter-Engagement team for off-campus students, become a Gym Supervisor, or write at TWU’s highly regarded School Newspaper, Mars’ Hill. Ultimately, TWU aims to develop impactful Christian leaders who will create a positive change in the world with their life purpose and careers. If that’s what you’re looking for, TWU is for you.

TWU Student Clubs

TWU Student Clubs are career and mission-focused and very active in terms of online and in-person events. You can join clubs like Young Women in Leadership, Student Business Association, TWU Environment Club, Law and Politics Club, and more. Check out the full list of clubs here.

TWU Spartans Athletics

This university has one of the top athletics teams in the country – the Trinity Western Spartans.  If you’re a sports fanatic, you probably already heard of the Spartans. Even if you don’t know they are TWU students, we bet you’ve seen many athletes from TWU right on your big screen while watching the Olympics. You’ll be pleasantly surprised that Team Canada often recruits the shining athletes from TWU for many of its divisions. Particularly, Men’s Volleyball and Women’s Soccer are the ones to watch out for! But don’t forget — It’s not just about the teams, it’s about their loyal fans! Go to one of the games and you’ll know exactly what we mean!

TWU Student Housing

Trinity Western offers 7 different student residence halls in their Langley campus. They are unique because each hall is divided into small groups of students; there are weekly hall meetings and events that allow the students to build a strong and deep community with each other. As the student intake grows larger at TWU each year, some students also choose to stay off-campus.

Trinity Western Richmond

Currently, Trinity Western’s Richmond Campus does not offer student housing. However, you can look into off-campus housing options like GEC Marine Gateway or GEC Pearson for an easy commute.

All GEC Living Residences are fully furnished with utilities included (water and electricity). Our apartments come with a fully equipped kitchen, in-suite laundry (washer and drier), heating systems, and free unlimited Wi-Fi. Student Accommodation at GEC is a perfect option for out-of-province and international students. You do not have to worry about spending extra money for furnishing a new place or wasting time traveling long hours via public transit. GEC’s convenient location(s) ensures you stay right by your TWU campus as well as near central locations.

Inside the TWU Atrium across the library
Trinity Learning Commons. Source:

TWU Main Campus Buildings Explained

Reimer Student Centre

The literal centre of the campus where everything happens. The first floor of TWU Reimer Center contains the Campus Cafeteria operated by Sodexo, TWU Outfitters (aka the bookstore), and is attached to the Atrium. On the second floor, you will find the Career Centre as well as the Provost’s Office. There are bake sales, blood drives, career fairs, and other events at Reimer throughout the semester.

TWU Atrium (Learning Commons)

You will find yourself here in between classes taking a nap, meeting classmates for group projects, or working on your projects in a less quiet space compared to the library. The atrium is also called “the learning commons”, but let’s be fair, everyone calls this place the atrium. Since it was recently renovated with modern and high technology equipment, you can find tall bars serving as standing desks, custom-made furniture, and a projector with a built-in screen. There’s also a semi-separate section for your private matters (or group projects).

Norma Alloway Library

Alright, so when someone says “Sorry, can’t come. I have a date with Norma”, you should know that they will be studying at the library. The TWU library has a personality to it, so the name fits well. As you walk towards the end of the library, you will find the fishbowl, aka the space covered by glass that totally makes you feel like a fish looking out to the beautiful pond across the building. Students usually try to catch that spot that faces the pond, some believe it is motivating, so why not? Before we forget, make sure you learn who the lovely TWU librarians are, because they will be your biggest supporters during the 4 years you will be spending at TWU.

TWU Athletic Facilities

The Athletic Facilities is where you will see so many familiar faces; this is especially true because the fitness centre and other activities are completely free for students and staff. Most TWU Alumni also come to the gym because they love the environment so, you may even get some networking opportunities here. The gym supervisors are very helpful with all your questions and training needs. If you’re craving a quick workout, you can use this fully equipped gym! There are also climbing walls, playing fields, and tennis courts for sports enthusiasts; Recreation Services runs a variety of intramural team sports as well as group workout classes for all levels.

Trinity Western Outfitters

The University Bookstore has all the literature you need to explore different subjects and interests. They often have book sales, so we suggest going in there between classes from time to time. You can get your brand new or used textbooks here for your courses; so, you do not have to go looking for textbooks anywhere else. Their used prices are very reasonable which saves you a lot of money. If you keep them in good condition, you can also sell them back to TWU Outfitters. You can buy some TWU Swag (amazing hoodies) and bedding here as well.

TWU Centre for Calling & Career Development

The Career Development Office at TWU is there to help you with your resume, practice mock interviews, and teach you job searching skills; however, they are also eager to help you find your calling. The professional staff will assist technicalities of the job search as well as support you towards where your heart leads you.

Wellness Centre

This centre provides support to students with counseling and health services. You can seek advice and clarity in this safe and supportive environment. The counselors will offer useful ways to approach life and enhance your communication as well as problem-solving skills. You can speak with student counselors at a very affordable rate while you are navigating through the stresses of university life. There is also a full-time campus doctor and nurses to help with your health concerns; fully equipped to diagnose your issues, offer blood work, and more.

Things to Consider Before Attending TWU

Faith-centered Education: As a Christian institution, there is no surprise that you will receive a faith-centered education. Even if you don’t identify as Christian, you are welcome to attend the university. Students and staff never force anyone to attend faith-centered events; however, you will find your teachers praying for you before an exam or hear students briefly appreciating God’s greatness during a cell biology class. It is a very supportive environment, and if that doesn’t bother you, you will feel welcomed and appreciated at TWU.

Meal Plans Required: If you stay at TWU Student Housing on Langley Campus you are required to get a meal plan which is loaded on your card. This way you can eat at the cafeteria by using the money on your meal card.

No Meal Plans or Housing: TWU Richmond, where most MA students study, there is no campus housing or meal plans. However, this is not really a deal-breaker because there are off-campus options near TWU Richmond. You can stay at GEC Pearson or GEC Marine Gateway which are minutes away along the Sky Train line near TWU Richmond.

twu students reviewing the latest events
TWU SAMC students at an exhibit. Source:

Why Choose Trinity Western University

The school boasts small classroom sizes (the average is 25 students/class) and dedicated instructors to ensure that you will maximize your learning experience and get the attention you deserve. You can also connect with other like-minded students who are exploring their faith and life paths and embark on a life-changing journey together.

There are so many opportunities to develop yourself as a leader at TWU. You can join fellow students who are interested in local outreach, prayer and worship, discipleship, and many more. You will learn to become a positive role model, lead small groups, and promote team unity. TWU provides everything you need to have a terrific experience. Their comprehensive campus services include a career development centre, fitness facilities, bookstores, cafes, and so much more.

There is a diverse student population at TWU. Although most students come to TWU straight out of high school or transfer from another institution, you will find that most of your friends will be around the same age as you. You will meet a lot of students who hold different faith values and make friends around the globe while immersing yourself in Canadian culture.

GEC Student Residences Near TWU

GEC Pearson

GEC Pearson student housing building near Cambie St in Vancouver

GEC Pearson is a student housing and residence located in Vancouver’s most central and convenient neighbourhood, just minutes away from the best universities, shopping centres, and attractions. Discover Vancouver and Richmond’s hidden gems, just 5 minutes from the Canada Line.

GEC Marine Gateway

GEC Marine Gateway MC2 student housing north building in Vancouver

GEC Marine Gateway features modern interior designs and energy-efficient amenities in the city’s most convenient neighbourhood. Steps from the Canada Line Skytrain, experience the best of Vancouver and Richmond in our premium rental apartments.

GEC Viva

GEC Viva Towers student accommodation apartments in Downtown Vancouver are near Yaletown, Davie Street Village, Granville, Burrard, and Robson

GEC Viva is a 17-floor student housing and accommodation tower in the heart of Downtown Vancouver, featuring panoramic views of the city and the North Shore Mountains. Watch the city come to life on the famous Granville Street and experience a bustling Vancouver like no other.

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