[2023] Ultimate Guide to Vancouver Film School (VFS)

May 4, 2023   |   4 Min. Read

Vancouver Film School (VFS) is the most well-known private post-secondary entertainment arts institution located in Vancouver, Canada. It offers various programs in film production, game design, animation, and other related fields. The school is recognized for delivering industry-standard techniques and applicable skills to students. Many of its graduates have secured employment within the industry both domestically and internationally.

An image of VFS' entrance behind a grey grid and a white VFS logo in the centre
VFS Downtown Campus. Source: VFS.edu

Where is VFS Located?

VFS has 8 campuses across Vancouver; However, the Main VFS Campus that offers most programs is located at 198 W Hastings St, Vancouver, B.C. It is right in the middle of downtown Vancouver and surrounded by lots of restaurants and cafes.

The VFS Animation, Visual Effects and Classical Animation Campus is located at 151 W Cordova Street, Vancouver, B.C. The nearby Gastown shops and artisan cafes are great places to explore during breaks and after classes.

VFS’s Game Design Campus is located at 88 E Pender St, Vancouver, B.C. It is situated in Vancouver’s famous Chinatown with various buzzing restaurants and cultural stores around the neighborhood.

Learn more about other VFS Campuses.

Why Choose VFS? What is VFS Famous For?

Being one of the world’s leading institutions for Entertainment Education, Vancouver Film School secured #1 on both Canada and International lists for the top professional animation training program and was named #1 Game Design School in Canada.

In addition, VFS partners with corporate leaders who serve the film industry to stay on top of the industry’s needs. These firms include Adobe, Final Draft, Dell Technologies, Hp, Unreal Engine, and more. Students can fully experience pre-production, on-set, post-production, and more.

With a supportive environment that provides opportunities to learn from mistakes, you will be fully equipped when you get into the professional industry after graduated.

Is VFS Good For International Students?

VFS has a highly collaborative environment, it is extremely easy to make friends even if you are an international student. You will work with people from different programs to complete creative projects together. A former VFS student has created a video discussing various topics, including language barriers, program details, and is it good for international students.

VFS has International Admissions Advisors to help with your visa process, so you do not have to do it all alone.

However, please note that a degree from VFS does not grant a Post-Graduate Work Permit (PGWP) that allows you to work in Canada upon graduation. If you are planning to stay in Canada after graduating from VFS, please do your diligent research to make this possible.

  • VFS ESL Support: VFS has ESL support services for International Students, you can schedule an appointment at esl@vfs.com
  • VFS Counselling Services: VFS also provides counseling services for all VFS students.

What Are The Most Popular Programs at VFS?

All VFS programs are popular among students and hard to get into. The three programs below are arguably among the most popular:

  • VFS Film Production
  • VFS 3D Animation & Visual Effects
  • VFS Game Design

Students who graduated from VFS mentioned that they are able to gain useful hands-on experiences and learn more about industry knowledge. Most importantly, some of the graduates had the opportunity to work on some great projects and movies on Marvel Studio and Netflix.

When Do School Terms/Classes Start?

The start dates are different based on the courses/programs you choose, some programs like Acting for Film & Television have 6 start dates within a year. Normally, schools will start in early January or late February.

For more accurate dates, please check the VFS website for more information.

When To Apply For VFS?

For students who intended to study at VFS, you can complete an application form and contact one of the advisors online, and the advisor will be in touch with you for further steps.

Is VFS Expensive?

For domestic and international students, you need to pay $150 for the application fee. And the tuition fees vary depending on which program you choose. You can find tuition information for VFS under the Admissions section of the program page you intend to apply. We have listed a few popular programs for you:

Name of ProgramDomestic Tuition (12 months)International Tuition (12 months)
Film Production$36,950 $54,000
Acting for Film & Television$20,500$30,750
Game Design$32,950$50,000

Does VFS Have Dorms? Where do VFS Students Live?

VFS does not offer student housing on its campuses. However, they offer resources and services for students to search for accommodations and roommates. If you need assistance, You can contact the housing coordinator at housing@vfs.com for further help.

Apart from that, GEC Living Student Residences is one of the VFS’s verified off-campus housing providers, which offers few student residences located within 30 minutes from VFS campuses:

  • GEC Viva – the only student residence in downtown Vancouver, 15 minutes by bus to VFS main campus
  • GEC Pearson – the largest student residence community in Vancouver, 30 minutes by bus to VFS main campus
  • GEC Burnaby – the only student residence in Burnaby, 30 minutes by bus to VFS main campus
  • GEC King Edward – the newest student residence in Vancouver, 15 minutes by bus to VFS main campus

GEC is home to hundreds VFS students annually and offers them turnkey student housing solutions which include: fully furnished suites, all-inclusive amenities, an on-site management team, fast-speed Wi-Fi and a centralized security system.

In summary, Vancouver Film School (VFS) is a leading institution for entertainment education, with supportive and collaborative environments, industry partnerships, and diverse programs that prepare students for the professional industry. VFS is also a great option for international students with ESL support, counselling services, and international admissions advisors.

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