[2023] Ultimate Guide to Langara College

November 20, 2022   |   5 Min. Read

Langara college is a public college located in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. As the leading college in BC, Langara is one of the most popular colleges for domestic and international students with its wide range of programs.

Langara College Exterior
Photo source: Langara.ca

Where’s Langara Located?

Langara’s main campus is located at 100 W 49th Ave, Vancouver, BC V5Y 2Z6.

It’s centrally located in the City of Vancouver and only takes about 15mins to Downtown Vancouver, Richmond by Skytrain. 30 mins to Burnaby by bus.

Why choose Langara College? What is Langara College Known for?

Langara College has around 19 thousand enrolments annually, and 103 countries are represented by Langara international students. among 50% of those students, they are studying Langara’s University Transfer program.

Based on the numbers, without a doubt, Langara is popular among students, and its University Transfer Program is what attracts students the most.

What is Langara College University Transfer/Pathway program?

Langara’s vision is to be Canada’s pathways college. Most of Langara’s programs are transferrable to its partnered universities. The program allows students to transfer credits to those universities if they meet the transfer requirements, starting directly from Year 2 or 3.

Fact: More students transfer from Langara College to the University of British Columbia than from any other college.

Most students prefer to study at Langara because they can take pre-requisite courses, improve their grades, transfer their credits to big universities and complete a full bachelor’s degree. The university you intend to transfer to evaluates your credits and grades for this to be possible. Certain Langara courses will allow you to qualify for transfer to major universities. If you are planning to transfer, you may refer to the BC Transfer Guide and speak with a guidance counsellor at Langara College.

Partner Institutions: Langara College has established partnerships with many schools across Canada. This means you can complete several required courses and transfer to a different institution seamlessly, with guaranteed admission.

Capilano University – Langara Transfer Program

Capilano University’s Bachelor of Arts with a major in Liberal Studies Program allows Langara students to transfer to the program as third-year students upon completing the required courses at Langara College. As long as the required courses are taken by the student and the space is available at Capilano University, students can transfer their credits and continue their studies easily.

Queen’s University – Langara Transfer Program

Students can complete their first two years of education at Langara College and transfer to one of Canada’s leading research universities, Queen’s University in Ontario. Upon completion of their two-year studies at Langara College, students can enroll in one of the 17 available Arts or Sciences programs, leading to a Bachelor of Arts, Bachelor of Science, or Bachelor of Computing degree at Queen’s University.

SFU – Langara Degree Program

The Simon Fraser University (SFU) – Langara Degree Program is unique as it allows students to study in both institutions freely. Students can complete the requirements of a Bachelor of Arts (BA) Degree or Bachelor of Science (BSc) Degree from Simon Fraser University. This program is not a transfer but a much more flexible partnership for both universities.

UNBC – Langara Transfer Program

UNBC transfer program supports Langara students while obtaining a bachelor’s degree. Students who complete Langara’s Associate of Arts or Associate of Science degrees will be considered for admission at UNBC. They can transfer 60 credits and work towards a Bachelor of Arts, Bachelor of Science, or Bachelor of Health Sciences degree.

If you’d like to know more about these programs, check out Langara’s degree partnerships explained here.

Transferring to Other Universities

If you’d like to transfer to a different institution (not listed above), you need to check the BC Transfer Guide to ensure Langara’s courses transfer to other institutions you are interested in. While the University of British Columbia (UBC) does not have a partnership agreement with Langara, you can still transfer to UBC by taking the right courses. You can get help from Langara’s university planning resources and/or receive personal counselling to help you achieve your goals.

Is Langara college good for international students?

Definitely yes, Langara college is a great choice for international students to pursue their studies in Vancouver, Canada. Its university transfer program is one of the largest in Canada and has a proven record of success. They offer a wide range of student services specifically tailored to international students, and its Homestay program is recognized as one of the best in Canada.

Is Langara college expensive?

Langara’s tuition rates are relatively among the most affordable in Vancouver, Canada. It costs approximately $5,700 per academic year for domestic students and $20,000 per academic year for international students.

When do classes/terms start at Langara College?

There are 3 semesters or terms at Langara College:

  • Fall semester/term: September to December
  • Spring semester/term: January to April
  • Summer semester/term: May to August

When to apply for Langara College?

It’s strongly suggested to apply at least six months before the start of most programs; Langara College usually starts accepting applications 11 months before the program starts.

  • Apply around April for the Fall semester/term
  • Apply around June for the Spring semester/term
  • Apply around November for the Summer semester/term

Does Langara College Have Dorms? Where do Langara Students Live?

No, Langara does not offer student housing on its campus. However, they offer two main options for their students:

However, both options may not be able to accommodate all Langara students, and alternatives are finding co-living or private apartments nearby.

The good news is that there are tons of co-living or private apartments available nearby Langara College, but make sure to read the tips we prepared for renting in Vancouver, as well as the top rental platforms in Vancouver for students to avoid unnecessary mistakes and most importantly, the scammers.

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