[2023] Ultimate Guide to Emily Carr University of Art and Design (ECUAD)

May 5, 2023   |   5 Min. Read

Emily Carr University (ECUAD) is the only post-secondary institution in BC that focuses on professional learning experiences in arts, media, and design. The university integrates traditional techniques with advanced technology in its programs, and emphasizes the importance of ecological and social sustainability in the creative process, inspiring students to incorporate these values into their art work.

Emily carr university main campus in GNW.
Emily Carr Exterior Building. Source: Ecuad.ca

Where is Emily Carr Located?

The Emily Carr campus is located at 520 E 1St Ave, Vancouver, B.C. The modern building is visually appealing, and is situated close to several restaurants and charming coffee shops.

Is Emily Carr the Best Post-Secondary Art School in Canada?

According to the 2021 QS World University Rankings, ECUAD held the #30 spot in the QS World University Rankings, and it was the only Canadian university to rank among the top 50 best universities in the world for art and design

Because of its high ranking and excellent reputation, Emily Carr University is one of the best post-secondary institution in Canada!

Why Choose Emily Carr? What is Emily Carr Best Known For?

Being the one of the best art schools in B.C.,Emily Carr University holds a special status in BC as it’s a university that solely focuses on the art and design fields.

For students looking to concentrate on art studies, Emily Carr University offers a variety of theory-based programs that place a strong emphasis on academic research. As of 2021, the university holds three research chairs: Art + Design Technology, Design + Media Arts, and Indigenous Studies. Through these programs, students have the opportunity to contribute to academia and engage in cutting-edge research.

What are Some Good Programs at Emily Carr?

ECUAD has offered a range of programs related to art, design and technology. We have selected some popular programs below:

  • 3D Computer Animation – Bachelor of Media Arts
  • Critical + Cultural Practices Bachelor of Fine Arts
  • Interaction Design – Bachelor of Design

According to students from ECUAD, they can benefit from learning practical skills and gaining in-depth knowledge in their field of study through the school’s programs. These programs provide students with valuable insights and research opportunities to help them better understand their courses and topics.

What is Special about the Programs at Emily Carr?

On the first year of program, all students will begin with a foundation year, where they can build connects with their peers and develop fundamental skills for their advanced studies in the upper years of education.

Also, second-year undergraduate local/international students can apply for the exchange program at Emily Carr, and they can exchange for one semester of your third year of study at a variety of art and design schools globally.

*Eligible students should meet the GPA requirements of 3.0., and students who transfer to Emily Carr at the third-year level are not eligible to apply for the exchange program  

Is Emily Carr good for International Students?

Emily Carr has been home to international students from over 50 countries, and they provide support for international applicants through their journey to Canada. You can get help from your international advisor with the following topics:

  • Study permits
  • Travel to Canada
  • Health Insurance
  • Working in Canada

Check out ECUAD’s online resources for international students.

What is The Tuition at Emily Carr?

Like other institutions in Canada, ECUAD also has different rates for domestic (Canadian citizen or PR holder) and international students.

For domestic students,

  • Tuition + Mandatory fees – $5,579.20 per year ($22,316.80 for a four-year degree)

For international students,

  • Tuition + Mandatory fees – $24,936.40 per year ($99,745.60 for a four-year degree)

For more updated tuition fees, please refer to the Undergraduate Tuition + Fees on ECUAD website.

When Do Class/Terms Starts at Emily Carr?

In general, ECUAD has three-semester terms, which are Fall, Spring and Summer.

  • Fall Terms: Starts in September
  • Spring Terms: Starts in January
  • Summer Terms: Starts in May

When to Apply for Emily Carr?

At Emily Carr University, there are two intake periods for new students. Most students prefer to apply for the fall semester, as only select programs offer intake in the spring semester.

For fall intake,

  • Applications open – Starts on September 15
  • Applications close – Ends on January 15

For spring intake,

  • Applications open – Starts on September 15
  • Applications close – Ends on October 1

Does Emily Carr have dorms? Where do ECUAD Students Live?

Emily Carr currently does not have any student residences or homestay arrangements. However, the university provides detailed guidelines for students from planning the house search to moving tips. If students have any housing questions, they can email the admissions team for assistance.

According to the ECUAD Housing website, GEC Living Residences are the recommended housing option for students who are looking for off-campus student housing.

Here are the GEC student residences that are close to Emily Carr University:

  • GEC Viva – the only student residence in downtown Vancouver, 32 minutes by bus to ECUAD
  • GEC Pearson – the largest student residence community in Vancouver, 30 minutes by Sky Train to ECUAD
  • GEC Marine Gateway – the most contemporary designed off-campus student apartment in Vancouver, 30 mins by Sky Train to ECUAD
  • GEC King Edward – the newest student residence in Vancouver, 20 minutes by Sky Train to ECUAD

ECUAD students who lived at GEC mentioned that they enjoyed their stay, because of the convenient locations for commuting to school, and it had everything they need around the neighborhoods.

The fully furnished units with all amenities included at GEC provided ECUAD students with everything they need, so they don’t have to spend extra money on furnishing or paying fees. The bi-weekly housekeeping services were especially valuable, as it saved the time for students on household chores, allowing them to focus on their school projects and enjoy more free time with friends. If you are interested in in GEC off-campus student housing, please dun hesitate to inquire us at our website, one of the leasing advisors will be in touch with you within in one business day.

To sum up, Emily Carr University of Art + Design (ECUAD) is a top post-secondary institution in Canada, offering professional learning experiences in the field of creative arts. It is also known for its high-quality programs, research opportunities, and support for international students. If you are looking for the best art university in Vancouver, ECUAD is your best bet!

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