[2023] Ultimate Guide to Douglas College

May 2, 2023   |   6 Min. Read

Douglas College is one of the largest public colleges in British Columbia, mainly offering certificates and diplomas, and provides bachelor’s and even post-degree programs in a wide range of specializations. It is known for providing students with both a strong academic foundation and the practical skills needed to succeed in their careers.

Douglas College exterior
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Where is Douglas College Located?

Douglas College has two major campuses in Vancouver, one in New Westminster and one in the Coquitlam area. They also have smaller training centers located in Surrey, Burnaby, and Maple Ridge. Douglas is very accessible via transit as both main campuses are right next to the Skytrain lines.

Douglas College New Westminster (2 locations) – The campuses are located at 700 Royal Avenue and Anvil Office Tower, 11 8th Street. Both locations are within a short walk of the New Westminster SkyTrain station. While you’re around the campus, be sure to check out the restaurants, cafes, and shops nearby.

Douglas College Coquitlam – It is located at 1250 Pinetree Way, and only a 3 minutes walk from Lafarge Lake-Douglas Skytrain station. If you are looking for somewhere to shop and eat, Coquitlam Centre mall is just 15 minutes away from the campus.

Is Douglas College a private or public institution?

Douglas College is the largest public degree-granting college in British Columbia, Canada, with an annual enrollment of over 17,000 credit students, 8,500 continuing education students, and 4,210 international students.

Is Douglas College accredited?

Douglas College has received recognition from the British Columbia Education Quality Assurance program, which is a symbol of the college’s commitment to providing quality education and consumer protection. Additionally, according to the rankings by U.S. News & World Report, Douglas College is ranked #168 in Canada.

Why Choose Douglas College? What is Douglas College Known For?

“I am a new student at Douglas college and I am studying in Hospitality Service Management program. I want to share that college has many opportunities. In addition to 2 convenient locations, the college provides a wide range of services: consultations, events, sessions. The study is very interesting, sometimes difficult but if you make the effort, everything will work out!

– Anastasia, Former resident at GEC Viva

This reveals that Douglas College is popular amongst students because of the out-of-class opportunities for hands-on professional experiences. It also offers specialized career help for its students, making sure students have a clear path after college.

Is Douglas College Good for International Students?

Currently, over 4,000 international students take for-credit courses at Douglas. With its large international population, the International Office at Douglas offers a range of advising services to support these students on personal, academic, and immigration-related issues:

  • International Café: Douglas’ International Café will be held regularly at Douglas College. There are several topics discussed with other international students ranging from experiencing culture shock to daily life in Canada.
  • Mentorship Program: Senior international students pair with new international students at Douglas to welcome them into Douglas’ community and support them in their college journey.
  • Ongoing Workshops: Douglas College offers several online and in-person workshops, covering significant topics for international students like: How to get a work permit after graduation, how to extend your study permit, and more.

What are the Douglas College Transfer/Pathway Programs?

While studying at Douglas College, you can take UT (university-transferable) courses in different programs. Course that are referred to as “UT” can transfers to schools: UBC, UBC-Okanagan, SFU, University of Victoria, or University of Northern British Columbia.

Many students, especially international students, will take their first-year courses (for a cheaper price) at Douglas to save money; later, you can transfer these courses to one of the universities.

While Douglas does not have direct transfer programs with universities, you can plan your courses carefully to get accepted by checking with your advisor and reviewing the BC Transfer Guide if you are interested in transferring to other universities.

SFU – Douglas Degree Program

The Simon Fraser University (SFU) – Douglas College Degree Program is unique as it allows students to study in both institutions freely. Students can complete the requirements of a Bachelor of Arts (BA) degree or Bachelor of Science (BSc) degree from Simon Fraser University. This program is not a transfer but a much more flexible partnership for both schools.

Is Douglas College Expensive?

To send an application to Douglas College, you need to pay a $100 non-refundable application fee. The Tuition fees vary depending on which program and courses you are taking:

For international students,

  • you need to pay $636.75 CAD per credit at Douglas. While most academic courses are 3 credits, equaling $1,910.25 CAD per course.

Be mindful that, certain programs at Douglas College are not open to international students. Check to see if the program you are interested in accepts international applicants.

For local students,

  • you need to pay $227.20 CAD per credit at Douglas. Note that most academic courses are 3 credits, equaling $631.90 CAD per course.

For detailed and updated information, please check out the tuition information for Douglas College.

*Douglas College suggests contacting them directly to check about seat availability prior to paying the application fee or sending an application.

When do the school terms start at Douglas College?

All together there are three school terms at Douglas College, and students can enroll in any one of the semesters.

  • Winter Semester: January – April
  • Summer Semester: May – August
  • Fall Semester: September – December

When to Apply for Douglas College?

Be mindful that local and international students have separate deadlines for submitting their application to Douglas College. Below are the deadlines for each group:

For international students:

  • October – January: Application for Summer semester
  • February – May: Application for Fall semester
  • June – September: Application for Winter semester

For domestic students:

Students can apply up to 11 months in advance for a given semester.

  • June – April: Application for Summer semester
  • October – August: Application for Fall semester
  • February – December: Application for Winter semester

Does Douglas College provide work permit?

Full-time students at Douglas College who are enrolled in a minimum of 9 credits can apply for a Co-op Work Permit. This allows them to gain valuable work experience off-campus while working full-time.

After completing their studies at Douglas College, students may also apply for a Post-Graduation Work Permit (PGWP). The duration and eligibility of the PGWP depend on the length of the program and the student’s enrollment status throughout the program.

*Please note that students enrolled in the ELLA (English Language Learning and Acquisition) program are not eligible to work off-campus.

Does Douglas College have dorms? Where do Douglas College Student Live?

Currently, Douglas does not offer any on-campus student housing residences on its two main campuses. However, students can visit Douglas’ website – “Living in Vancouver”,  where they can find useful information. The website suggests some homestay partners, as well as rental platforms that may benefit students.

For those seeking off-campus student housing options, Douglas College has included GEC Living on their website as their recommended student residences. And here are the GEC Residences that are close to Douglas College:

Here are the GEC Residences that are close to Douglas College:

  • GEC Burnaby Heights – the only student residence in Burnaby, 40 minutes by bus to Douglas College New Westminster Campus
  • GEC Pearson – the largest student residence community in Vancouver, 50 minutes by Sky Train to Douglas College New Westminster Campus
  • GEC Marine Gateway – the most contemporary designed off-campus student apartment in Vancouver, 45 mins by Sky Train to Douglas College New Westminster Campus

GEC has welcomed hundreds of Douglas students and why is it a popular housing option among Douglas students?

One of the reasons is all GEC units are move-in ready, making it an ideal option for international students who travel from overseas. Students don’t have to carry all their belongings with them; just a small suitcase of personal belongings is enough!

Moreover, GEC covered all amenities fees, so students don’t need to worry about splitting electricity or Wi-Fi bills with their roommates. GEC provides everything necessary, allowing students to concentrate on their studies and enjoy their life in Vancouver!

To conclude, Douglas College is a public college located in British Columbia with two main campuses in Vancouver. It is known for providing students with a strong academic foundation and practical skills to succeed in their careers. Douglas College is also popular among both international and local students, as it offers a range of advising services, transferable courses, and workshops to support them along their academic journey.

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