Animal Cafés in Vancouver

Always wanted to enjoy some coffee and snacks while being surrounded by dozens of cute animals? Here’s your chance to live your wildest dreams; there are three operating animal cafés in Vancouver that you can stop by to get in a cuddling session!

We know that going to school, studying for finals, and preparing projects can be stressful. You can take a self-care day by going to an animal café, and release some stress. Read more to find out where these cafés are, and make your way there immediately!

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Common Questions About Animal Cafés in Vancouver

Do I need an appointment to go to an animal café?

In order to avoid huge crowds, most animal cafés in Vancouver require visitors to book ahead. This helps animals have a safe and relaxing environment while interacting with you.

Can I take an animal home with me?

YES! Animals in the cafés are adoptable as most are affiliated with organizations like BCSPCA. You can fill out an application for the pet you are interested in and once they confirm that you are a good fit, you can take your new pet friend home!

Is it safe to eat at the animal cafés?

Yes, it absolutely is! Due to covid, some cafes suspended food and beverage services. However, once restrictions are loosened, you can grab a drink, and enjoy the cuteness all around you!

Are there any other activities at the animal cafés?

There are a lot of different seasonal activities at the Vancouver animal cafés. For example, Catfé has a cat life drawing class, and Catoro has year around volunteering opportunities!


Catfé has been open since 2015 as one of the first animal cafés in Vancouver. The café houses BCSPCA cats and aims to find them a new home. The cats tend to make great friends with the café visitors!

If you are also interested in the food, Catfe has an extensive lunch and coffee shop menu. Indeed, they are famous for their coffee with cat art. Yes, your Instagram feed is about to see some cool pictures.

Basic Information About Catfé

Instagram: @catfe_vancouver

Address: Unit #2035 88 W Pender St, Vancouver, BC V6B 6N9

Phone Number: 778-379-0060

Booking and Reservations:



Parking: Two-hour free parking at the International Village Mall’s underground parking lot.

Catoro Pets

Ever seen a cat forest? Well, this will be your first! Catoro Café has a huge manmade cat forest where the kitties run wild and greet their newest guests. It is a great environment to have a kitty date. You can even take your significant other there for a fun time. In addition, Catoro has a selection of bubble tea with various flavors.

Basic Information About Catoro Pets

Instagram: @catoropets

Address: 666 E Broadway, Vancouver, BC V5T 1X6

Phone Number: 604-423-2987

Booking and Reservations:



Parking: (Limited) free parking in the back of Catoro Cafe.

The Bunny Café

The first-ever Bunny Café in Canada! The creators of Catfé partner with Rabbitats Rescue for this new relaxing space. Guests can interact with adoptable bunnies by simply popping in. For the Bunny Café, reservations are recommended, while not mandatory. 

Instagram: @bunnycafevancouver

Address: 1696 Venables St, Vancouver, BC V5L 2H2

Phone Number: 604-428-0688

Booking and Reservations:

Adopting: Inquire in the location.

Volunteering: Inquire in the location.

Parking: Limited parking available.

Thank you for reading about the Animal Cafés in Vancouver!

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