GEC Burnaby Heights: Student Testimonials

GEC is the largest off-campus student residence and community in Vancouver. Hear what our students from LaSalle College and Vancouver Film School say about living at our student apartments at GEC Burnaby Heights.

GEC Burnaby Heights is located in a vibrant neighbourhood with hundreds of unique shops, local restaurants, and community events. A short walk away is the neighbourhood hub, an expansive recreation centre with a fitness centre, pool and waterslide, and public library. GEC Burnaby Heights is a multi-family development designed for students, families, and professionals, featuring contemporary furnishing and modern amenities with balconies overlooking the city and the North Shore Mountains. Experience true Canadian culture when you stay at GEC Burnaby Heights, the city’s leading rental accommodation.


Varun | LaSalle College

“My name is Varun. I’m going to LaSalle College on Renfrew. I’m studying Bachelors of Fashion Design. I like GEC because the distance from my college to where I stay, it takes 20 minutes, just one bus, so it’s pretty fast. My roommate is fine. It’s a different culture because we have different cultures in this apartment, so each roommate might be different. My roommate is nice and we talk a lot. GEC is completely furnished. We don’t need to bring anything or be bothered or concerned that something is missing. The commute from where I stay to the school is very short, so it doesn’t take a long time to reach where I need to go, and even to downtown, where most of the time people go to spend the time. GEC’s apartments are really well furnished and if there’s any concerns you have, you can contact the caretaker and they will take care of it right away.”

Danny | Vancouver Film School

“My name’s Danny and I’m from Vietnam and I’ve been living in Canada for two years. I have been in GEC for nearly two months. The most I like about GEC is that it’s near everything. Whenever you feel like you’re on Monday mode, and you don’t want to cook dinner for yourself, then you can go to the restaurant. There is even a closest one, like a restaurant on the opposite side of the street.”

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