How to Use the Peloton Bike

GEC Granville Suites now has a Peloton bike! We recently launched our brand-new workout space at our hotel and one of the biggest highlights is the Peloton. While widely popular, the Peloton bike is not your regular gym bike. We explained how to use Peloton in detail.

Types of Peloton Rides

ARTIST SERIES: Ride to curated playlists of your favorite artists.

GENRE: Ride to the genre of playlists that you like.

LIVE DJ: DJs and Instructors pushing you through a cycle workout with a club vibe.

BEGINNER: Safe rides that explain proper concepts and techniques to beginners.

LOW IMPACT: Smooth rides with minimal impact on your joints. Warm up and cool down prioritized.

PRO CYCLIST: Ride with professional road cyclists to improve road cycling skills. Intervals, recovery periods, and training included.

CLIMB: Climb ride uphill against higher resistance.

HEART RATE ZONE: A method based on 5 zones of effort. Zones 1 to 5 gradually increase in difficulty.

INTERVALS & ARMS: Alternate between biking and free weights.

SCENIC RIDES: Ride through beautiful landscapes and different cities.

Reminders for Beginners

  • Shoes

Peloton bikes require a specific shoe, you cannot get on it with your sneakers and get riding. The clipless pedals require your shoe to have cleats. You attach the pedal to the shoe with the help of a special pedal. Peloton brand shoes are not necessary to ride the bike, cycling shoes that have 3 bolt cleat mounts will work.

The red cleats have function called float. With this function, your heels can only move about 4.5 degrees inward and 4.5 degrees outward. This positions your knees, so you have minimal risk of knee injury, and your cleats are aligned anatomically appropriately.

  • Peloton Leaderboard

Peloton has a function which allows users to compete with other users. You can check your placement on the leaderboard. You will need a leaderboard nickname to place. Your name is quite important as your live instructor may give you a shoutout! So, pick something simple and get competing!

  • Instructors

There are so many instructors to choose from. We suggest trying a few different instructors to see which one feels more motivating to you. While certain instructors are pushy and aggressive, others may sound more friendly and compassionate. Pick your style and don’t forget to change your instructor once in a while to spice things up as well.

  • Calculated Capability

You can try the training technique, power zones, that trains you with different levels of difficulty based on its calculation of your physical capability. You need to take an FTP test ride (available on demand), and the power zone rides will help you stay in the correct zone once you have your results.

  • Data Driven Results

If you value data, Peloton has a website in which you can access your profile. You can download your ride data and open it on Excel to calculate other training metrics.

  • Tracking Progress During Your Workout

If you like seeing how much time is left on your selected workout, you can click on the timer or the progress bar to see your progress (tap twice). You are also able to make them disappear by tapping on the middle of the screen twice. The same applies to general metrics and leaderboards.

Find Out If Your Hotel Has a Peloton Bike

GEC Granville Suites is 1 out of 5 hotels that offer Peloton in Vancouver.

Use this website to see if your hotel has a Peloton bike before you book: