Best Jobs for Students in Vancouver

As a student, whether you want to get more work experience or afford to live in Vancouver finding the best possible job as you continue studying is crucial. That’s why we have prepared this article that outlines the best jobs for students in Vancouver.


  1. Nanny
  2. Notetaker
  3. Writing Coach and Tutor
  4. Server and Barista
student working as a nanny - one of the best jobs for students in vancouver
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If you have experience taking care of children, this is one of the most rewarding jobs you can do. It is also one of the best jobs in Vancouver for international students as you can improve your language skills by connecting with children.

The hours are usually flexible depending on when the parents are working or have other commitments. You may work once a month or every week or even every day at similar times. To work with children, you will likely need strong references. Also, this will likely be the highest-paying job  (without tips) you can have as a student based on an hourly wage.

one of the best jobs for students in vancouver is being a notetaker at your institution.  pictured a blurred student taking notes, Birdseye view that shows the paper, pencilcase and the student's hand
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Best Jobs for Students in Vancouver: Notetaker

You can work as a notetaker at your institution. You have the option to share your detailed notes from classes you are taking or sit at classes you are not taking and take notes for the learning center. Often the notes you take are anonymously given to students with learning disabilities.

You can get paid hourly or per-project basis from concerning department in your institution.

a blurred student taking notes as the person on the computer screen explains things to them
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Writing Coach and Tutor

If you are confident in your English and writing abilities, you can work as a writing coach on campus. Writing coaches help fellow students with organizing and providing feedback for assignment drafts.

Alternatively, if you are good at a specific subject, like Math or Biology, you can become a private tutor. Often, institutions have a record of available tutors that you can leave your contact information. You can also create a listing on platforms like Craigslist.

Both tutoring and coaching writing are great ways meet new students and make extra cash – qualifying as one of the best jobs for students!

best jobs for students in vancouver are server and barista positions. pictured a barista making coffee, wearing a mask
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Best Jobs for Students in Vancouver: Server and Barista

Want to make a little more than the jobs listed above? With extra cash that comes from tips, a server or barista position can be one of the best jobs for students.

Restaurants and cafes are always hiring both part-time and full-time servers and baristas. While a little experience won’t hurt, they are often willing to give you a few days of training to get you started. Alternatively, you can work as a kitchen helper, dishwasher, or host to learn how things are done before moving into a server position. There are lots of opportunities in the foodservice industry.

We have listed some of the best jobs for students in Vancouver. Whether you choose to work full-time or part-time during your studies, you can try out these positions to make some extra cash. Some of these positions require more responsibility while some offer flexibility. Depending on your availability and preferences you can choose the option that works the best for you. Good luck on your job search!