10 Ways to Make Friends at School

Student Writer: Chioma – University Canada West (Instagram / TikTok)

In theory, making friends is easy; strangers can bond over their obsession with TikTok trends and challenges. However, the reality is very different. Putting yourself out there is hard, even if it is “just” making a friend. Here are 10 ways to make friends at school.

#1. Ask Them, “Hey, I think you are cool; want to be friends?”

If you have someone in mind, walk up to them and ask them to be your friend; the worst thing they can do is say no, so go for it! It is 2022; the fear of rejection can’t hold you down. I know it might be challenging and scary, but at least you tried.

#2 Bright Colours

My dress style is either an over-caffeinated Euphoria character or a poorly dressed cabbage patch doll; either way, I look intriguing. The key here is to dress uniquely; it gets people’s attention. Eventually, you will get a “Hey, where did you get that,” Your response should lead to a hangout; an example is “I got it from H&M want to go shopping on Saturday?”. (Hook, line and sinker. YOU’VE GOT THEM!)

#3 Mutual Hatred

Henry Rollins once said, “Nothing brings people together more than mutual hatred,” all you must do is find that thing, subject or person you both hate (you are in school it shouldn’t be hard 😂)

#4 Always remember their names

A quick way to remember a person’s name is to bring it up frequently in a conversation “Yes Taylor… that’s interesting, Taylor….” if that doesn’t work, try and relate their name to something or someone you like an example is Tyler – Tyler Perry or Tyler the Creator. People respond well to individuals who remember their names.

#5 Ask Your Friend to Introduce you to other people

Hopefully, the four tips above work, and you have a friend who can introduce you to their other friends inside and out of class.

#6 Attend Social Events (YES!)

This is a given! ATTEND ATTEND ATTEND! It is literary an event to socialize. If you aren’t good at socializing, here is a video that would help you out!

#7 It’s Not All About You

Sadly, the world doesn’t revolve around you (I know, right, YOU ARE AWESOME! why shouldn’t it); you have to give others a chance to speak. Not only would they respect and want to hang out with you, but you also get to learn cool new things about your friend! I learnt that my friend was lactose intolerant, something she failed to mention before ravaging a box of pizza (with extra cheese😠)

#8 No one likes a Debbie Downer

A Debbie Downer is someone who ruins the vibe of a group session with sad remarks (Yeah… don’t be that). Instead of dampening the mood, energize it! Being the energizer attracts more people to you and encourages them to invite you to more hangouts.

#9 Confidence!

Confidence is critical; not only does it save you from being bullied, but it also attracts people to you (If you don’t have it 👀 fake it till you make it, we all do it; it is fine)

#10 Be Yourself

Honesty, this should be number 1, just be yourself, and the right person will find you. You are an incredible person, and you do not have to change to fit in.

Yep, this is how you make friends at school in Vancouver! I hope this helps; I believe in you! Go out there and smash it 🎉🥳